Who is attractivemonkey?

Meet the girl behind the šŸµ: Hi! šŸ‘‹ļø Iā€™m Ana Marta Filomeno, a New Jersey/New York based designer, illustrator, and video editor from Lima, Peru.

I believe design is a visual magic, that allows one to create worlds beyond comprehension through video, illustration, sound, and editing. If you feel the same way, feel free to reach out to work together!

My biggest inspirations are Junji Ito, H.R. Giger, David Fincher,  Kentaro Miura, Satoshi Kon, and David Lynch. šŸŽ„

When Iā€™m not designing I am either drawing, watching anime, or on Final Fantasy XIV. I also love cats, chocolate milk, and lattes.šŸ±ā˜• 

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