BLUSH Hot Sauce

Visual Identity | UI Design | Package Design

Hot Sauce Worth Blushing For
This branding project was a co-op effort by myself and fellow designer/hot sauce creator, Gerald Ernst III. Our shared goal was visually communicating through fun and playful imagery while using the soft pastel palettes to showcase each of the unique ingredient combinations in the different hot sauce flavors.

Spice & Everything Nice
In tradition with many hot sauce brands, we aimed to keep the logo mark style similar to that of screenprinting for a humanistic and artisanal feel, while contrasting with modern typefaces for the logotype.

Heat Isn’t Over Yet
While the brand is new and ever-evolving, this system has been built to accommodate different flavors and spices that will be brewed in the near future, and we look forward to how to best represent all the different savory notes of the sauces yet to come.