who is attractivemonkey?

a motion graphics designer, video editor, & illustrator ︎︎︎ passionate about visual storytelling︎︎

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Hi there! 👋️ I’m Ana Marta Filomeno, a New York-based Graphic Designer from Lima, Peru. I am motivated and progress-driven with an extensive background in motion graphics, video editing, and visual identity/brand design. Attractivemonkey is a social media handle and online alias where I could explore and hone my skill for art with visual problem solving, thus resulting in design.

I believe design is a visual magic that allows one to create worlds beyond comprehension through video, illustration, sound, and editing. In the past eight years within the design field, I’ve built systems that help brands adapt throughout stages and time with detailed visual language. If you feel the same way, feel free to reach out to work together!

When I’m not designing I am either drawing, watching anime, or playing video games. I also love cats, chocolate milk, and lattes.🐱☕

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