PhotoShelter’s Summit For Brands

Static Identity | Digital Design | Campaign Design

This project was determining and designing for PhotoShelter’s first virtual summit, which included keynote speakers and attendees from aclaimed partnered organizations, brands, and enterprises that use PhotoShelter for Brands on their daily basis. The purpose of this summit was to bring new ideas to the table on to adaptive virtual marketing in 2020 so far, and a reflection of the transition that has had to occur for so many brands due to the work-from-home transition because of the COVID pandemic, and stay-at-home orders.

Again as a collaborative work within the PhotoShelter design team, we felt that we wanted the event ID to be bold and loud, while retaining a sleek movement that would complement the rest of PhotoShelter’s new branding. We also wanted to stick with gradients and colors that reflected more on the Brands side, and using elements of the P-loop as visual accents to the background of the visuals to emphasize the sense of movement, modernity, and fluidity. 

The system was meant to be able to be translated to multiple platforms for optimal marketing usage, as well as including a concert poster of the speakers to draw in attention while showing the roster of speakers included. You can see this roster as well in the designed landing page for the event as well here.