PhotoShelter AI Video Demonstration

Visual Identity | Video Trailer | Motion Graphics

This reel was a collaboration between myself for the editing, motion graphics, and assembly of the video, with the voiceover of Kristin Twiford, the former copywrighter and content creator of PhotoShelter’s Brands marketing team. This reel was meant to highlight and explore the ease of use of the new tagging AI of PhotoShelter’s automatic tagging system for the jpeg’s metadata, thus making searching and overall SEO easier on the user of the platform when searching for a specific player or photo by using more thourough keywords. While the reel uses an abstract verison of the real AI tagging solution, it is demonstrated in a manner much more digestable and visually stunning manner to the viewer/user.
This reel was also promoted on PhotoShelter’s Twitter account, as well as the PhotoShelter for Brands blog.