Vuela! Honestamente: Thesis Project

A thesis project focusing on how to introduce an honest, safe, and alert way of traveling to a foreign country, in this case Peru. While most travel-focused media focuses on the fun and commercial part of travel, Vuela! focuses on how to deal with the unbiased culture, people, regions, climates, and foods of the country.

The installation includes an eighteen minute video animation resembling a flight attendant tutorial, as well as a magazine and a seating arrangement to emulate the feeling of being in an airplane cabin.

A magazine was included to emulated the iconic Sky Mall magazines that usually came within the front pouch of commercial airbuses. This printed material was meant as a keepsake for the audience, as well as an expansive version of the video, serving as supplementery material. This magazine was meant for quick and easy referals from the video for American tourists, as the text is also in English.